Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good Old Days....Childhood

This is going to be one of those rare occasions when I stray and not talk about nutrition. But I know I had to document this. I was so nostalgically (if that's even a word in the dictionary) overwhelmed when I saw these potato biscuits in a Japanese supermarket here in Chicago. I was elated when I saw them! Because they remind me of my childhood. These little potato biscuits are one of the first snacks that my mum gave us as little kids. The other one is potato chips.

When you are living away from home, food is one of those things that brings you back home in an instant. These things not only make me miss home but also makes me miss my childhood. Remember those years that you have absolutely nothing to worry about except for the strange desire to grow up as fast as possible, not knowing what you might be getting yourself into. :) Now that I am older, sometimes....I wish the clock would turn back. But even if it does, there's nothing I would do differently really. My life has been a roller coaster but a truly blessed one. There's nothing I would change in the past but I am really hoping for only good things in the future and hopefully a long long future.

Anyways, these potato biscuits don't really have any nutritional value but their packaging is soooooo cute! No wonder little kids like them so much. Maybe I am really getting old but it's just really heart warming to find things that remind you of the good old times especially when you are so far away from home. Kudos to all Chinatowns in North America!



Jen said...

This brings me back too....honto kawaii usagi!!! The melt-in-your-mouth feeling is fantastic! I suddenly have the urge to make some.

Kelly said...

Omg! Are you telling me you know how to make these little biscuit treats?! If you do, you are my hero!

Jen said...

I haven't found the right recipe yet but I'm wondering if it's worth making them since they are easily available in asian marts. Maybe I'll make something like "otak" which is uniquely Singaporean/Malaysian and fairly unobtainable in North America. Any suggestions on what I can make next?

Kelly said...

Omg! Otah is an excellent choice. I love "jui kueh" too ;).

Your Wonderful Sis said...

and png kueh. but i guess that's to much rice for you at one go? Brown rice png kueh??