Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Store Your Food Safely

We all use plastic containers to store many things including our food, both in and out of the refrigerator. Most of us are aware in one way or another of the potential dangers of heating food in plastic containers because some research has indicated a leakage of harmful chemicals from the plastic container to the food when heat is applied.

Plastic containers are made from resins and there are many different types of resin. Hence some plastic storage containers are considered food grade and some are not. And within the food grade category, some are reusable and some are not. It all depends on the type of resin that is being used to make the container.

A friend of mine just asked me about plastic containers and I thought it would probably be really useful to share this buying guide published on The National Geographic website. It lists all the different types of resins and their corresponding number that appears on the bottom of the plastic container (i.e. the triangular shaped logo with a number in it). Besides a quick and easy to follow education on plastic storage containers, it also contains a few buying and usage tips.


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