Monday, January 25, 2010

Naked Cooking on Mixing Bowl!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for the support shown since the birth of this blog.

Naked Cooking has entered into a recipe contest on Mixing Bowl:

Please click here to see the link to the recipe.

If you like this, please help to vote by clicking here.

We are the second little icon, which I am sure you can spot by looking out for the picture of our favourite Salmon Cups!

It is not the prize, but rather the recognition and the health benefits that we are able to bring to everyone.

Thank you in advance for voting! =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly

Didn't expect you to have such a work life balance after working with Mckinsey.

Anyway, I may have underestimated your resource and capability.

Good luck, pretty enjoy your recipe though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,


Good preparations for your future marriage. Your guy will be proud of you...:-)