Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your 10 Essential Kitchen Tools Starter Kit

Have you ever been in a situation where you were cooking a dish halfway and realised that you are short of that one important kitchen tool that without would spoil your dish? Or have you come across a shiny kitchen gadget, still newly wrapped and sitting in its box in the storage room while you were spring-cleaning your kitchen? Oh, that happens to be the waffle-maker you bought 3 years ago but never had the need to use.

A well-equipped kitchen can be the key to your awe-inspiring dishes! But you don't want to burn your pocket by getting every little gadget out there. Read on to find out what the top 10 essential kitchen tools that no kitchen should do without!

1. Saucepan with lid
Depending on the regular size of your household and lifestyle, get at least a medium to large non-stick saucepan with lid. This will guarantee you maximum freedom in your kitchen.

2. Cooking pots with lid
Get at least two pots of different sizes. This will allow and facilitate simultaneous preparation of multiple dishes.

3. Wooden chopping block
Prefer wooden to plastic chopping blocks because they are easier on knives and more environmentally friendly.

4. Chef’s knife
If there is only 1 knife and 1 knife only that you want to get, get the chef’s knife. You can easily, chop, cut, dice, slice, mince, peel and even segment oranges with it.

5. Wooden cooking set (frying slice, spoon, strainer spoon and salad fork)
There are also stainless steel and nylon ones to choose from. I do not recommend using stainless steel cooking tools especially if you are using non-stick pans. They have a tendency to scratch your non-stick pots and pans. Nylon ones usually come in colors. I am a freak when it comes to additional “ingredients” in my cookware and therefore I avoid and use the ones made with the most basic and simple materials – wood.

6. Casserole dish
Perfect for one-dish meals and creating recipes that cleans out your fridge. Casserole dishes usually come in sets with sizes ranging from small to large. If you are not able to get them in a set of 3 or 4, get at least a medium one for your shepherd’s pie!

7. Measuring set (cup and spoons)
Even if you claim yourself a non-baker, there will always be that occasion where you need a little baking. And how about pancakes? Get a measuring cup that measures at least 2 full cups or 1 litre. A measuring cup of that size serves well both in a single-person household as well as that occasional group get-together.

8. Mixing bowls
Get at least 2 bowls. You will definitely need it when you separate egg yolks from egg whites.

9. Baking sheet + accessories
If your oven does not already come equipped with baking sheets, get at least a shallow one for cookies, puffs and phyllo cups. And when you get baking sheets, don’t forget their regular companions – parchment paper and aluminum foil. Parchment paper is a perfect substitute for cooking spray and butter.

10. Blender / Mixer
Blend your favorite smoothie, roast and grind your own nuts, make your own pasta dough with ease! Have a handy and multi-purpose blender/mixer to make your kitchen time more exciting and wonderful.

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