Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Essential A to Z for your body

Caring for your health is as easy as ABC. It begins with awareness and the rest is really easy.

A (Vitamin) - For maintaining good vision, healthy skin and cell reproduction
B (Vitamin) - There are 8 forms of Vitamin B and each form works on different areas of the body such as balancing cholestrol levels, promotes healthy skin and production of energy etc.
C (Vitamin) - Essential for the immune system and for good skin. Good antioxidant to prevent pre-mature aging.
D (Vitamin) - The sunshine Vitamin! Important for strong bones growth as it aids absorption of calcium
E (Vitamin) - A good antioxidant that is also effective in reducing pigmentations and scars
Folic Acid - A component of Vitamin B, folic acid is required for new cells to grow. It is commonly prescribed as a supplement for pregnant women, or women trying to conceive
Good Food - Definitely the key to getting all the nutrients while enjoying the process
H (Vitamin) - Also a component of Vitamin B, Vitamin H is required for cell growth and energy production. It also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails
Iron - Our bodies need iron to produce red blood cells, which delivers oxygen to all the tissues
J (Vitamin) - Vitamin J, an old name Choline, is essential for people with problems digesting fats; which cna lead to other ailments such as constipation
K (Vitamin) - Required for blood clotting. Vitamin K cream is also good for resolving dark circles around the eyes
L-Carnosine - An amino acid that prevents aging and rejuvenates the skin
Magnesium - To maintain a healthy nervous system, teeth and bones
Nicotinic Acid - Important for maintaining a healthy nervous system and digestive system
Omega 3 - Good for your heart and brain
P (Vitamin) - Also known as Flavonoids, it enhances the effect of Vitamin C
Q10 - An antioxidant that is beneficial to the heart and regulates blood pressure. It is also often used as an anti-aging ingredient in skin care products
Riboflavin - A component of Vitamin B that is important for energy production
Sodium - Important for balancing and holding water for the body. Also important for bone health
Thiamin - A component of Vitamin B, Thiamin is important for the production of energy from carbohydrates
U (Vitamin) - Effective in treating gastric ulcers
Vegetables - Get your fiber. a good variety of Vitamins and Minerals
Water - Need we say more? 8 glasses of plaing water per day for overall good health. Ditch that soda and carbonated water
Zinc - Speeds up healing of wounds and good for overall general health

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