Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Cake Decorating Adventure!

A friend's mum was in town over summer and had a couple of my girlfriends and I over for some intense cake decorating class. I was a little jittery about working with gum and sugar because you know...I did ditch them for good in my kitchen for quite a long long time now. But the art of cake decorating still fascinates me. I's not going to be eaten anyways, so why not put my hands to some good old handicraft work! (FYI, most people don't eat the fondant and sugar decorations used on cakes from commercial cake shops eventhough they are totally edible).
And OMG, it was fun! Very very fun! My friend's mum is one of the most patient and funny teachers I know. you know....after being in culinary school for a few months now, I really think chefs are funny people. At least the ones whom I have met so far. None of them have failed to show me their perculiar sense of which I really really like and can relate to. :)

So here are some proud pictures of my work. Our first class was all about making flowers....roses to be specific (if it doesn't seem apparent to you for some reason). ;) So the flower in the first picture (the pink one) is made of gum paste, made from molding and sticking the petals together. The one in the second picture (the white color one) is made of buttercream, made from using a pipping bag.

Our second class was about making figurines from gum paste and working with fondant. The picture below is my "graduating" piece of work. It was so much fun molding the sand bucket, the seashells, the mouse and the super cool surf board. My girlfriends were laughing at my poker-dotted trunks but I think they are super-duper cute. Don't you think? ;)

I am SO going to pass my baking classes at culinary school with flying colors!!! Woohoo!!!

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Diane said...


Reading this reminded me of your creations during Arts & Crafts session in school. I've always been impressed with what you and your sister can do!